Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

Check out our 25 favorite summer bucket list ideas for teens!

1. Outdoor or Drive in Movie

If you are fortunate enough to be located near a drive-in movie theater, that is the place to be! If you grew up going to the drive in, you will appreciate allowing your teens experiencing the same fun time!

Additionally, you can put up a white sheet in your backyard and buy, rent, or borrow a projector. Play a movie under the stars and enjoy a beautiful summer evening. Don’t forget to include snacks! Here are some of our favorite movie theater snack ideas:




Potato Chips



Include a bunch of blankets and pillows so everyone can get super comfy. If you are watching the movie at home, you will also need to include some chairs or lay blankets on the ground for seating.

2. Go to a zoo. Bonus points if it’s one where you can touch the animals!

3. Get the teens dressed up and do a photo shoot. Gather their friends and head to a local park or nature trail to take some great shots.

4. Make some lunch and snacks and head to a park, lake, or quiet area to have a picnic.

5. Set up a hammock and relax. Play some music while relaxing or enjoy the sounds of nature.

6. Plan an evening of laying under the stars. Get a book of constellations and see how many you can find.

7. Head to a new restaurant or find a recipe your teen has been wanting and make it.

8. If you are lucky enough to live near an orchard, go fruit picking. Strawberries, peaches, pears, and apples are all delicious.

9. Check out ads for 3k, 5k, and 10k. It’s especially fun if you can sign up for a unique type of run with an obstacle course or a color run.

10. Volunteer

You are never too young to start volunteering. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Nursing homes

Soup kitchen

Animal Shelter


Food Bank


Habitat for Humanity

Community Centers



11. Start a new hobby like juggling!

12. Take the family to a local Farmer’s Market and pick some fresh food, then go home and eat it fresh or cook it.

13. Museums are a great place to learn without feeling like you are learning. Head to your local favorite museum or take a road trip to a museum!

14. Remember when you were a kid and took a jar to catch fireflies? Well, your teen will love it too!

15. Grab some snacks, water, and comfortable shoes and hit the hiking trails.

16. Get up super early in the morning and gather outside to watch the sunrise.

17. Flying kites is always fun, no matter how old you are!

18. Go visit grandma and grandpa!

19. Get some glow in the dark necklaces and go on an evening swim.

20. Beach/Lake Day

Make sure you have your sunscreen, favorite water toys, and a cooler full of food and drinks before you head out. In the summer, nothing beats a day at the water. Similarly, this is a fun activity for older teens to enjoy with their pals when they’re on their own.

21. Break out the sidewalk chalk and draw. Yes, even teens like to do this!

22. Have your teen give you a video game lesson. They will get some laughs out of it, and you may even have fun.

23. Lay out giant tarps on a hill and create a slip and slide.

24. Fill buckets with loads of water balloons and have a water balloon fight.

25. Get dressed up and start singing karaoke. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, pull up karaoke songs on YouTube and use hairbrushes as microphones!

Happy Summer!